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Sterile Processing Technician

Company: South Shore Health
Location: Weymouth
Posted on: June 10, 2024

Job Description:

Job Description SummaryProcesses and distributes disposable and reusable medical/surgical supplies in accordance with departmental and Hospital policies and procedures.
Salary range commensurate with experience: $21.00-$29.61Job DescriptionESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS1 - Demonstrates a clear understanding of all sterilization functions and control methods. - - a - All items are correctly sorted according to the appropriate mode of sterilization. - - b - The correct wrap, sealing tape, and chemical indicators are chosen in accordance with the selected sterilization process. - - c - Items are loaded in the approved manner and properly logged on the load record sheet. - - d - Each item and the load record sheet are stamped with a load control sticker that indicates the sterilizer number, load number, and Julian date of processing. - - e - Machine printout tapes are checked to assure all parameters of sterilization were met, cycle was completed, and initials are documented on each tape. - - f - All documentation is completed for each sterilization cycle.2 - Performs all assigned duties while in assembly/packing area with demonstrated understanding of guidelines and principles for Sterile Processing. - - a - Kits are correctly identified and proper count sheet is selected to assemble the kit. - - b - All instruments are carefully inspected for cleanliness, alignment, and proper function. - Unacceptable instruments are removed and replaced, when possible. - If no replacement is available missing items are clearly noted on the count sheet and an "Incomplete" sticker listing missing items is attached to the outer wrap. - - c - Count sheets are used to assemble sets and are initialed before placing in the set. - - d - The proper chemical indicator is placed in the instrument tray or package before wrapping. - - e - All instrument trays are wrapped with appropriately sized paper and are closed with the correct sealing tape. - - f - Individual instruments are peel pouched or wrapped correctly. - - g - Items are labeled as to contents, department of use, and initialed. - - h - Items are properly sterilized and allowed to cool before returning them to inventory. - - i - Work area is kept neat, left clean, and all kits in your work area have been completed by the end of your shift3 - Performs all assigned duties while in the decontamination area with demonstrated understanding of CDC mandates and department guidelines. - - a - Proper dress and protective gear is used at all times. - - b - Properly utilizes the dirty lifts and empties them in a timely manner. - - c - Empties and processes contents of one case cart at a time to limit cross-contamination and help track instruments and equipment. - - d - Instruments are sorted according to immersability, heat sensitivity, and delicateness before cleaning in the approved manner. - - e - Hand washed items are carefully inspected and handled appropriately during the cleaning process. - Items are placed in the pass-through windows in a timely fashion to maintain a good work flow. - - f - Grossly soiled items are soaked and scrubbed in the sinks before placing in the ultrasonic cleaner or washer-decontaminators. - - g - Washer racks are loaded correctly to prevent injury to staff, damage to instruments, and harm to the machines. - - h - Properly loads and unloads the case cart washer with regard to personal injury and damage to machinery. - - i - Work area is kept neat and left clean and orderly at the end of your shift.4 - Performs and accurately documents testing of all sterilizers. - - a - Completes Bowie-Dick testing daily in each steam autoclave and interprets results. - Documentation is accurately recorded. - - b - Completes a Diagnostic test on each Steris System 1 and attaches the machine printout tape to the Steris logbook. - - c - Includes a biological test in each sterilizer on the first load of the day. - Biological is planted in the incubator and required documentation is recorded in the log book. - - d - Accurately documents results of biological testing within in the proper time frame on all sterilizer tests. - - e - Notifies the appropriate person/persons if there has been any sterilizer failures or positive biological tests. - - f - A biological indicator is run with every load containing an implant.5 - Performs all required steps in the operation of a case cart system. - - a - Each pick list is accurately generated by using the computer program designated for this task. - - b - Is able to fill all case carts accurately and efficiently, as assigned. - - c - Independently utilizes the computer to generate pick lists for case carts when additional are added to the surgical schedule. - - d - Add-on cases are recorded on the Add-On Log and completed in advance of the beginning of the case. - - e - Completed case carts are sent to the OR by means of the clean lift in a timely fashion - - f - Case carts are neatly organized and any missing items are listed on top of the cart. - - g - Shelves are restocked with needed supplies and additional supplies are secured from stores if needed6 - Participates in maintaining proper inventory levels of supplies. - - a - Notifies Manager or Secretary when an item needs to be ordered to prevent outages. - - b - Demonstrates an understanding of rotating all stock by utilizing the first in-first out method. - - c - Demonstrates proper care and handling of reusable and disposable supplies. - - d - Puts sterile items in the proper location after processing and cooling are completed. - - e - Maintains an adequate level of supplies by stocking shelves and work areas.7 - Technology - Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices. - - a - Utilizes Lotus Notes to remain knowledgeable of changes and additions to department practices - - b - Uses the time clock and computer to correctly enter time on and off work, such as vacation time, Float Holidays, and sick time. - - c - Utilizes computer programs such as OR Manager, TimePC, and Meditech to complete assignments. - - d - Effectively utilizes department manuals and data bases as resources to clarify and/or resolve questions and remain up-to-date with techniques and procedures on CPD.8 - Safety Awareness - Fosters a "Culture of Safety" through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment. - - a - Successfully answers safety questions in annual mandatory education program. - - b - Understands individual roles/responsibilities during hospital codes (e.g., Code Green, Code Red.) - - c - Operates all department equipment safely. - - d - Understands the proper procedure to follow when equipment has malfunctioned. - - e - Follows CDC guidelines for Universal Precautions when handling soiled equipment, instruments, and supplies. - - f - Makes appropriate use of personal protective equipment and utilizes proper body mechanics. - - g - Properly handles and disposes of biohazard waster by following Infection Control guidelines and hospital policy. - - h - Knows where to find material safety data sheets (MSDS) for chemicals used to perform job.9 - Demonstrates the ability to be flexible and set priorities to meet the needs of the customer. - - a - Priority items are given immediate attention in decontamination and processing areas. - - b - Demonstrates the flexibility to adjust work schedule to complete STAT items ahead of other duties. - - c - Provides follow through on priorities and communicates the status of progress to the requestor. - - d - Shows ability to organize a team effort to complete priority requests.Technology and Learning - - a - Participates in continued learning and possess a willingness and ability to learn and utilize new technology and procedures that continue to develop in their role and throughout the organization. - - b - Embraces technological advances that allow us to communicate information effectively and efficiently based on role.JOB REQUIREMENTSMinimum Education - PreferredHigh School diploma preferred.Minimum Work ExperienceSix (6) months to one (1) year Central Services and Supplies, or related experience preferred.Required Licenses / RegistrationsIf you will be driving a SSH vehicle as part of your job, a valid MA driver's license in good standing is required as well as verification of an acceptable motor vehicle driving record, at time of hire, with annual verification required thereafter.Required additional Knowledge, and AbilitiesKnowledge of surgical instrumentation, case cart assembly and aseptic technique preferred.Basic computer skills required.Must be able to communicate effectively and possess excellent customer service skills.

Keywords: South Shore Health, Weymouth , Sterile Processing Technician, Engineering , Weymouth, Massachusetts

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