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Lab Technologist/Technician

Company: South Shore Health
Location: Weymouth
Posted on: April 3, 2024

Job Description:

Job Description Summary The Laboratory Technician/Technologist performs accurate and appropriate testing of specimens received in the laboratory, according to established laboratory protocol and procedures.
We are seeking candidates with:
Associate's Degree in a relevant science preferred
Four (4) months' clinical laboratory internship preferred
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) "OR" Eligible for Medical Laboratory Technician Certification
Job Description
1. Test Performance

a. Performs accurate and appropriate testing of specimens received in the laboratory, according to established laboratory protocol and procedures.
b. Evaluates specimens for acceptability for proper testing.
c. Investigates and documents problems with unacceptable specimens.
d. Organizes workload for maximum efficiency in order to complete tests being performed.
e. Accurately performs tests as ordered on specimens received.
f. Verifies accuracy of results as those belonging to the corresponding specimen before reporting results.
g. Collects data as required by supervisor on unacceptable specimens and specimens without orders or with ambiguous orders.
h. Notifies Microbiology supervisor or designee of any preanalytical, analytical, or post analytical variances.
i. Handles specimens according to appropriate storage temperature requirements and as per laboratory procedures.
2. Test Result Reporting
a. Reports test results in a timely manner and according to established laboratory protocol and procedures.
b. Reports results within time limits established for test procedures.
c. Documents proper notification process required in the reporting of all critical values that the employee results
d. In the event of an occurrence resulting in incorrect results reported on a patient, employee consistently follows the established policy on Correcting Results including the notification and documentation of corrective actions taken.
e. Notifies the Infectious Disease provider or primary care provider regarding Microbiology alerts in a prompt fashion and documents communcation in the LIS system.
f. Notifies the Infection Control Nurse or designee regarding Microbiology alerts in a prompt fashion and documents communication in the LIS system.
g. Notifies the Massachusetts State Laboratory Institute regarding reportable diseases in a prompt fashion and documents communication in the LIS system.
3. Follows established procedures for laboratory quality control and reports discrepancies to the appropriate Supervisor.
a. Performs appropriate quality control for the test procedure.
b. Accurately analyzes and evaluates QC results obtained before accepting and reporting patient test results.
c. Record results obtained for quality control testing as defined in test procedure.
d. Appropriately notifies Supervisor of discrepant QC results.
4. Performs daily, weekly, monthly or as needed, maintenance on instruments and equipment as appropriate. Performs calibration of equipment as required.
a. Performs maintenance according to the schedule for the instrument/equipment.
b. Documents performance of maintenance procedures for the instrument/equipment.
c. Performs calibration of equipment according to scheduled intervals or receipt of reagents.
d. Documents calibration of equipment.
5. Troubleshoots instruments, equipment, reagents and patient specimens when problems occur. Notifies the Supervisor if unable to solve the problem.
a. Follows established guidelines for troubleshooting procedures.
b. Follows established guidelines for resolving patient specimen problems.
c. Documents steps taken during the troubleshooting process.
d. Immediately notifies Supervisor when unable to solve problems.
6. Consistently adheres to established Laboratory and Hospital policies for Universal Precautions, Chemical Hygiene and Safety procedures. When handling blood and/or body fluids, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be utilized in order to minimize exposure to infectious diseases. Chemical Hygiene and Safety policies and procedures will be followed when using chemicals.
a. Wears Laboratory coat, gloves, goggles and protective devices as required when handling specimens.
b. Follows safety policies for dress.
c. Follows safety policies when using chemicals.
d. Reports any safety hazards to the appropriate Supervisor.
e. Uses protective barrier equipment as required.
f. Disinfects and cleans work benches/areas according to established protocol during and at the end of assigned shift.
g. Properly disposes of contaminated and hazardous waste materials.
h. Knows where to find material safety data sheets (MSDS) for items used to perform job.
i. Knows the location and procedures to follow in the containment of blood, body fluid and chemical spills.
j. Wears gloves when working at the bench in the Microbiology area.

7. Consistently communicates with Microbiology team to ensure that daily work is completed.

a. Assists coworkers when main bench duties are completed.
b. Assists with specimen processing during lunch time breaks to ensure continuous flow of work.
c. Assists Microbiology Supervisor with special projects when main bench duties are completed.
8. Demonstrates competence in assigned work areas according to section schedule and skill mix.
a. Consistently acknowledges, through documentation, of changes to established testing procedures in all skilled areas.
b. Completes assigned CAP surveys with the expectations of department supervisor that results are determined to score in the acceptable performance category, in all skilled areas.
c. Completes department generated competencies as required with acceptable results in all skilled areas.
d. Actively participates in continuing education programs sponsored by Professional Organizations in one or more of the skilled areas.
e. Rotates through all work stations in the Microbiology including, but not limited to: Bench A-L, Bench M-Z, Blood cultures,PCR and EIA testing, Specimen Processing.
9. Maintains work area - cleans bench, restocks supplies, notifies Supervisor of low stock.
a. Maintains appropriate supplies for work being performed.
b. Assures that supplies are sufficient for ongoing testing. Notifies Supervisor when supplies are below established levels.
c. Regularly performs inventory of supplies and notifies appropriate Supervisor of departments need
10. Actively participates with orientation and training of new employees and students in laboratory procedures and policies.
a. Introduces new employees/students to the members of the department.
b. Engages new employees/students in daily routines within the department.
c. Maintains visibility in orienting new employees/students.
d. Acts as a resource for new employees/student, acclimating them to the organization.
e. During orientation period, communicates to Supervisor progress of new employees and identifies key areas that may be problem prone.

11. Technology - Embraces technological solutions to work processes and practices.

a. Partners with Microbiology Supervisor in discovering technology which will benefit patient results and turnaround time.
12. Safety Awareness - Fosters a "Culture of Safety" through personal ownership and commitment to a safe environment.
a. Acknowledgement, adherence and demonstration of a safe environment as stated in the Laboratory Policies for Chemical Hygiene, Infectious Disease Control and Safety. The employee is knowledgeable of who the responsible Safety Officers are both in the Laboratory and Hospital.
b. Assists in providing quality patient care through the evaluation of proper patient specimen labeling in accordance with the Laboratory Specimen Labeling criteria prior to performance of laboratory testing.
c. Verifies accuracy of results as those belonging to the corresponding specimen before reporting results.
d. Will ensure that all revised reports for previously reported incorrect (erroneous) results are identified as revised, corrected or amended according to established procedure and will appropriately notifies the patient care giver.
Minimum Education - Preferred
Associate's Degree in a relevant science preferred.
Minimum Work Experience
Four (4) months' clinical laboratory internship preferred.
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) "OR" Eligible for Medical Laboratory Technician Certification

Keywords: South Shore Health, Weymouth , Lab Technologist/Technician, Professions , Weymouth, Massachusetts

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